Makeup Tips in Zoom Era

Home office and zoom meetings, which are our new normal due to the pandemic brought new methods to our lives. We have great tips to feel a more self-confident and flawless look before the zoom meetings on the camera. Don’t forget! You can make up practically with Yaemina Beauty Needed Collection that will make you feel good at every stage of your life.

Create a flawless base.

The first step to good makeup is a good base. First of all, you should use Face Alarm Primer to intensify your skin's sebum absorption and get a matte, smooth, and oil-free look. 

Foundation can be a good start for healthy skin. If you want a natural filter effect, bright look, and perfect coverage which instantly equalizes skin tone, you can use our Self Portrait Foundation.

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Hide Your Tired Eyes.

If you have an unstable sleep schedule it causes dark circles and a tired look. When you apply Liquid Concealer under your eyes, it provides a perfect light and brightening effect. You can choose the same shade as your foundation or a slightly lighter shade to add a little more vitality to your makeup look. If you think that you need extra coverage which your marks or blemishes, Concealer Pen will also help you.

One of the most important products with make-up is mascara. Lashes on the Rocks Mascara's intense black formula and the extra volume. It makes your eyes more vivid and attractive on the screen. Whether it's a business meeting or a date, attractive eyes are always impressive.

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Sculpt your cheeks.

A compact powder that has a darker shade from your foundation is a great way to add some color and dimension to the face makeup. You can apply Compact Powder to sections where the sun will cast shadows on your face: under the cheekbones, above the forehead, and under the chin. You can also apply some on your nose if you want to get a slightly sunburned look.

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Define Your Lips.

One final touch, let's frame your lips with a contour that will make them look fuller with Needed Lip Liner. You can use My Jam Lip Gloss to nourish a little and get a shiny look.

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Now you’re ready! Remember, your self-confidence always makes you the best. When you feel confident, you are the most beautiful.