Trends should be adjusted to your personal style, i.e., to what makes you look fresh and well-rested and emphasizes your natural features. I believe that clear skin and healthy, clean hair never go out of fashion, and when it comes to makeup, trends you need to follow should be about new technologies and textures.

Let me describe such a trend through five YAEMINA Beauty products that will magically add a pop of color to this winter and the upcoming holidays!




1. FACE ALARM is a primer that achieves the ideal balance of the skin. It’s hydrating, and because of its extremely nurturing ingredients, it protects the skin from external factors and drying out.

2. SELF-PORTRAIT foundation is a high-coverage foundation with a matte finish, and it lasts for more than 12 hours. It doesn’t require layering, which enables you to keep the natural shine of the skin.

3. MY JAM features a rich, nurturing texture for the lips that contributes to their moisture and fullness. The pink color makes an impression for those who love the natural look – the ultimate trend of the season!

4. NIGHT ON FIRE eyeshadow palette is a sublimation of the leading colors of the season, from peach to burgundy. The diversity in textures within the palette makes for both day look and attractive, glamorous makeup!

5. TOTALLY MATTE lipstick in the shade RED VS. RED is a symbol of the grand return of the red lipstick this season. This is definitely a tone that suits every woman